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Beth's Poetry Trail can be found in the town of Belper, Derbyshire, as a permanent memorial to Beth Fender who founded the town's two poetry groups.

The Beth Fender Memorial Fund and working group was established to set up the trail, including members of the poetry groups plus family and local community representation.

A poem - or extract of a poem – is installed at 20 sites around the town. Each poem has been interpreted in a manner appropriate to the poem and the setting, as far as possible. An interpretation leaflet which includes a map guides visitors around the trail.

Poets represented include: Spike Milligan, Emily Dickinson, R L Stevenson, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Philip Larkin

  • The story behind the trail, 'Beth & Belper, Tale of a Trail' by Jean Sealey, is available to borrow from Derbyshire libraries, or contact us to buy a copy for £4.50.

  • Click to access a pdf copy of an annotated map of the trail.

  • Click to view and print instructions for following the trail in it's current form. If that link doesn't work you either need to install Acrobat Reader (very useful, and free) or access a more basic version of the trail.


Join the Trail!

To access information on the trail and its poems click the 'Trail Info' link on the left of your screen. This will take you to a list of all poems on the Trail, each with a picture and a link to a page for that poem. There you will find the poem's location, pictures and other information.

Each of these pages also has a link to a Belper map. There you can get an overview of where the poems are placed, and can click on the poem icons to bring up their information pages.

Beth's Poetry Trail

Because she loved poetry,
Knew what it could offer
In so many parts of life,
She wanted to share that love and knowledge
With any who would accept her gift.
Now we, who loved her,
Want to pass on that offering
To you.

Stay for a moment -
Read and be enriched
By what poems can give you -
Joy, courage, solace, insight, laughter -
Beth's trail is for you.
Jean Sealey, © 2005

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